Ingrowing toenails

Antibiotics will not remove the spicule of nail only your podiatrist can.

Ease the pain of your tender ingrowing toenail by allowing our specialists to provide a quick & permanent solution to your toe problem.

At New Milton Foot Clinic, we have a highly experienced team of two full time podiatrists who can provide treatment for painful ingrown toenails or infected toenails.

We receive many GP referrals to our clinic for the provision of Nail Surgery.

Why Choose Us?

We have two full time, fully qualified, experienced podiatrists.

We are open five days a week.

After hours emergency treatments may be possible in order to give you full flexibility of appointments.

We have two clean, modern clinics, prepared and ready to treat your ingrowing toenails as quickly as you would like.

The nail avulsion is quick and successful & you will leave the clinic walking pain free again.

We have been undertaking these operations for over 27 years at the Clinic.

We undertake many ingrowing toenail operations each year and have a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction and a pain free toe!

Treating Painful Ingrowing Toenails

Put your trust in our highly respected team, who are valued by general practitioners in our area. Clients are frequently recommended to us by their doctors, who are happy to inform patients of our services.

We offer a highly successful treatment, which consists of cutting back your painful ingrown toenail in order to remove the spike, thus encouraging the infected toenail to re-grow in a healthy manner.

You will also receive ongoing nail care advice, to prevent further toenail problems. There is a small risk of re-growth and, should this occur within 12 months of the surgery, we will undertake a revision of the surgery free of charge.

What to expect at our clinic!

We can reassure you that all of our full time podiatrists are registered on the Health & Care Professions Council. They are fully qualified and experienced to provide ingrown toenail treatment.

New Milton Foot Clinic have a wealth of experience of these operations and successfully undertake a significant number throughout the year throughout the year.

We will explain the details of the ingrowing toenail procedure to you so that you are able to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.

Ingrowing toenails or infected toenails will not go away on their own. Nor will they clear up with antibiotics! Therefore we will anaesthetise your toe so that removal of the offending part of your ingrowing toenail is quick and painless.

Choosing Our Services

Don’t wait, our caring professionals will treat your infected toenail or ingrowing toenail at your earliest convenience.

We have two full time trained podiatrists who are able to fit you in at short notice.

Receive peace of mind by entrusting our professionals to enhance your wellbeing.

Contact us in New Milton, Hampshire, for more information about the treatment of ingrown toenails, including nail surgery.

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