Custom made orthotics

At our clinic we provide orthotics produced from a scan of your feet and manufactured by an independent company. The benefit of scanned orthoses is that they are specific to each foot, thus providing the correct amount of control in the exact areas in which it is required. These orthoses are generally much more comfortable than ‘off the shelf orthoses’ as they are ‘made for you’.

foot scan


Initially we perform a bio-mechanical assessment, and discuss the problem to find the best way to resolve it. If we decide that custom orthotics are the correct method of treatment we would scan your feet.


Scanning is a quick modern way of recording the alignment of your feet and noting any problem areas. The scans are electronically sent to our partner company with a detailed prescription to suit your particular required support.

Scanning usually takes about 1 hour and involves taking a series of measurements, followed by a scan of both feet. Problem areas are noted, and the best options for materials discussed.

foot scan prescription
foot scanner tablet


The orthotics return within 2- 3 weeks, and are specific to your feet only. Small amendments can be made if required, and you will be given advice on how best to become accustomed to wearing them.

Follow up

In conjunction with your orthotics we will work with you to ensure that you continue to undertake your stretches and exercises to improve your both your foot and general posture.

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