What is Swift Microwave Verruca Treatment?

The Podiatry Team

What is Swift Microwave Treatment?

Swift is the pioneering new microwave therapy for the skin. Treatment times in seconds (dependant of number of areas required to be treated). Swift provides our podiatrists with a new and highly precise way of treating soft tissue lesions on feet and hands.

What does it do?

Swift microwave treatment causes water molecules in the infected verruca cells to become more excited and release harmless heat shock proteins into the body to stimulate the immune system.

To achieve the best results possible your podiatrist will try to get at least 100 joules of microwave energy into each infected area in the shortest possible time. This can be achieved by setting the machine to 10 watts applying the probe to the verruca for 2 seconds and then repeating 5 times as quickly as possible.

SWIFT multiplication

How successful is it?

We are constantly reviewing our figures for patient data at the clinic and current resolution for Swift at The Forest Foot and Health clinic is 86% this is above national average which stands at 77%.

Will it treat stubborn Verruca?

Yes! Swift can cope will all types of verruca, the number of treatments required may be different for different types of the virus as there are over 200 different subtypes of the virus! Check out our Patient X case study with a long-standing Verruca that resolved after 3 swift treatments!

If you have a long standing Verruca book a consultation with us today to discuss treatment and to rid you of that nasty virus!

The process of a verruca and SWIFT treatment

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